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Third Test affected by too much rain, and too little aura.

Saturday, 1st August 2009 

OK, admit it, who got nervous and started the rain dance early! Three days into the Third Test and only a spectacular performance (spectacularly good or spectacularly bad) from either team could save this from a draw. What’s worse, prior engagements meant I’ve missed half of the four sessions that have been played so far – the half with all the Australian wickets too!

Given the title of this website and my obvious love of Ponting, I couldn’t leave out mention of Aura-Gate. Although most newspaper columnists I read seemed to think both Ponting and Strauss acted diplomatically, they appear to have missed Ponting’s schoolboy-esque response at the end of his interview. It should have been so easy. I don’t know anyone – Aussie, English or other – who considers the Australian squad still has the same aura they possessed up to only a couple of years ago. Compare this team to the team that ripped England apart in 2006/07 – and wouldn’t stop ripping even when England were dead, buried and pleading for mercy. In Australia’s defence, they’re a young side and it takes time for an individual and a team to develop a reputation that gives them an edge over the opposition even before a ball is bowled, which is my definition of an aura. And Ponting could have just laughed it all off by pointing this out and maybe suggesting that you don’t need aura to win and maybe this series would play a part in the reconstruction of the Aussie Aura. But instead he just took it all personally and had a pop at England and their lack of aura – as if anyone had ever suggested England had an aura. Perhaps things are even worse in the Aussie clubhouse than we think.

So where are we? Well with two days to go, I think the Aussies will need two England collapses to get a win, whereas England just need the Aussies to collapse once, so theoretically at least, England have the better chance of getting the win which will guarantee them at least a series draw. But I just don’t think we have enough time left, especially as the Aussies should be batting at the end of day four and will obviously take the light when offered (not that I’m suggesting England wouldn’t in the same position). Which means we should be heading for Headingly with the score 1-0 to England, but all square on let-offs.

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